Do you really want to know what this product is about? Then you are on the right page and I’m sure you will be finding answers for all questions.

Aging is something that seems very common and unavoidable but the problem causes because aging is unusual and completely avoidable. Don’t you agree with me?…

Have you ever thought that one product can revitalize your mind and drastically increases your mental focus? Yes!! It is possible with Organifi Pure and Organifi green juice .

Aren’t you excited to know more about the product……. Organifi…..

Haven’t you come across this name ever before?? Of course who doesn’t aware of such a reputable company in the market? They don’t rule the market; they just rule the life of the person, who brings Organifi in their life. Well, Organifi is well known for its superfood powder but Organifi Pure Superfood powder is seriously a groundbreaking product that can bring back your lost life and make you feel 10 years younger than your actual age.

I know how are many questions running in your mind? You have reached to me now to clarify and I promise you to give only the right information.

Well…. It has been a quite long time we didn’t meet. Do you really wish to know the product behind this article? The article which influenced me to write an article again after a couple of years maybe.

Life Is Not Just meant to give happiness; sometime you may face things which will make you worse; worse than ever. I’m not an exception; still, God gives me chances whenever I feel I lost my life. It’s not you or me; many across the world still have no ideas what to do next. Thankfully we are the right place to turn the table in our favor. I will assure you to provide you the in-depth pros and cons of Organifi Pure Superfood powder.

What is Organifi Pure Superfood Powder?

Organifi Pure Superfood powder is produced by Drew Canole, the founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of the leading company, Organifi. One of the most reputable companies that make products based on only natural ingredients. Millions of people got benefitted from them and Organifi products have been a top-rated product by third party websites. Before getting into the product, I will walk you through the symptoms or health hazard which you could face.

  • Mentally unstable
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Fatigue, stress, depression
  • Brain fog
  • Low energy and Motivation

Your brain naturally slows down and causes memory loss and a lack of focus as a sign of aging. Adderall, Modafinil, Ginko, and nootropics are the first choice of the people who face the above problem and end in worse condition than ever. These drugs may improve cognitive function but the side effects going to question your overall health. Sometimes the pharmaceutical care money more than people’s health but I feel health is more important money.

Often caffeine has been reported as the best mental health-enhancing ingredient but that is not the fact. The best way is to consume Coffee berries i.e. the berries that contain coffee beans, it raises BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and improves your mental health drastically. No one can be an exception, one day everyone tends to face this but the period differs as per the food, condition we live in.

How it’s different from its competitors?

 Organifi products always have been popular for the unique blend of its ingredients and Organifi Pure contains Lion’s Mane Mushroom that improves focus, desire, etc. Superfoods are not something unusual it is just a revolutionary attempt to bring back our ancient medicines and techniques. The natural ingredients used in this superfood powder reduce your stress, boost metabolism, and make you look younger and ever glowing.

Indeed, Organifi Pure Superfood contains another effective ingredient MONK FRUIT which gives a natural sweetener taste, unlike the other superfood. Firstly, Organifi Pure is 100% natural product loaded with various multivitamins and nutrients. Secondly, it is USDA certified organic, no GMO, and vegan product.

Who is the creator? How does it Organifi Pure work?

Drew Canole is the founder of and shares inspirational and motivational YouTube videos about health and fitness. Organifi Pure is made up of 10 different superfood ingredients to improve the overall well being.

NGF and BDNF are the proteins that stimulate the production of cells, repair, and strengthen the existing one. NGF promotes nerve cell function and BDNF helps the brain cells keep you away from stress or aging.

Digestion has a crucial impact on thinking and mood benefits. Notably, the Probiotic content in Organifi Pure supports digestive function efficiently and in turn improves mood, feelings, strengthens the immune systems to fight against physical and mental illness. The antioxidant content in ginger root present in powder fights against the cold and flu.

Besides, it promotes good sleep and rejuvenates sleep whilst even deep sleep detoxifies your body prevents aging and supports your body from Alzheimer’s.

Ingredients that are added to Organifi Pure

As we discussed Lion’s Mane is the key ingredient used in the superfood powder.

 Lion Mane Mushroom is widely found in North America, Europe, and Asia, scientifically named as Hericium Erinaceus mainly used for treating 


  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Inflammation
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Ulcers

 Indeed, it is fully loaded with strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunostimulant that strengthens the immune system stimulates digestion and many more. According to researches, Lion’s Mane proven to Stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. NGF helps to transmit information between the cells without any loose ends.

 Notably, Lion’s Mane supports brain function by building NGF and BDNF compounds. Both component play a crucial role in preserving your mental health.

 Another study on rats showed that Lion’s Mane encourages your body to repair and damaged nerve cells.


The Baobab Fruit

 Simply a fruit of Baobab tree enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that improve digestion, hydration, and repairs and strengthens cell growth. High fiber in this fruit content may promote digestive health and may also make you feel fuller. Some of the benefits of aloe vera are

  • Increased Energy levels
  • Boost the Immune system
  • Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels & health function
  • Promotes Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Reduce Fatigue effects
  • Improves Better Sleep


Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera is native to North Africa, Southern Europe, and Canary Island, detoxifies the body, regulates blood sugar level, and improves digestion. It contains 75 various types of Vitamins, Minerals, and Zinc to boost the body’s immunity. You can use aloe vera to reduce sunburn, keep your skin away from dirt, and hydrates your skin.


Ginger Root

Ginger is a traditional herb contains unique 14 bioactive compounds and antioxidant properties. The anti-inflammatory properties in ginger have beneficial scientific effects for depression, stress, anxiety, brain fog, and Alzheimer’s. This compound sharpens cognitive function and reduces stress. Additionally, it protects the brain from free radical damage. Some of the ginger roots benefit maybe


  • Improved brain function
  • Antioxidant support
  • Stress and depression relief
  • Increased energy
  • Balanced mood


Monk Fruits

 Despite other benefits, it is mainly used to add sweetener taste called mogrosides, completely natural and safe for even diabetes patients. This ingredient makes the users never feel like they are taking medication or treatment. Monk fruit gives a desert taste, who doesn’t love it. A 2011 study said the anti-inflammatory effect may prevent cancer and balances the blood sugar level.



 A coffee berry has benefits effects of skin problems including fine lines, wrinkles, and cellular damage to the skin. Coffee fruit extract increases BDNF by 143 percent and in turn, high BDNF promotes improved memory, slow aging, faster learning, and many more.



 A well known citric fruit is high in vitamin C has lots of beneficial effects on skin and overall health. A study proved that lemon promotes weight loss and controls type 2 diabetes. Indeed, the antioxidant content fights with free radicals in the body and brain efficiently and lower the possibility of stroke risk, reduces blood pressure level, and improves digestion. 

 Probably lemon tends to suppress appetite, strengthens immunity, and helps for overall well being. Vitamin C deficiency may lead to


  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and depression, etc


Apple cider vinegar 

 Someone told exactly, “A glass of apple cider vinegar and water a day, keep your doctor away”. Yes, it is true and even you agree after knowing the benefits. According to research, it can fight diabetes, heart diseases, allergies, high cholesterol, cancer, and overweight. Further, it clears out your mind, promotes clarity, and the best brain-boosting ingredient. Along with Monk fruits, it adds a sweet taste to the product and gives you an amazing taste.


Coconut water

Though each ingredient is highly beneficial in a different way, coconut water helps to absorb the maximum benefit from other ingredients. Coconut water has a good source of fiber, vitamin c, and, other essential minerals. Most importantly, actively fights against free radicals and prevents the cells from damage.


Vita Fiber

 It encourages the build of good bacteria and improves brain health. The gut-brain is the connection between digestion and the brain. Taking probiotics supports healthy communication between the stomach and brain.

Organifi Pure Health Benefits

  1. Completely safe – Organifi Pure is 100% natural and free from other side effects. It is USDA organic, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, and completely a vegan product. A scientifically proved ancient ingredient has been used in the superfood to provide a double benefit.
  •  Sweet taste – Most of the superfood powder taste sour or even tasteless but Organifi product always ensures to provide more satisfaction. You never feel awful; you will be enjoying every day with a mouth-watering drink.
    •  Double focus –BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor) is crucial for enhancing good mental health. Organifi Pure superfood proven to increase the BDNF drastically along with NGF promotes clear vision, focus, confidence, creative thinking, energized mentally, and physically.
      •  Overall health – Mental health is the base for overall well being and all the ingredient together is benefits for your diabetes, blood pressure, and many more.
      • How it changed my life? What can you expect from Organifi Pure Superfood?

        I’m Jake, a wildlife photographer who doesn’t stay in a place for more than a month. My job is to keep moving to different and exploring something new every day about wildlife.

        Around 2 years back I was struggling to reduce the excess weight but found it very challenging. Life is full of stress, depression, and turned blue when I didn’t what I wanted.

        I lost my job, self-confidence before I quit my life, God showed me a miracle, Yes!! Drew Canole, a founder of FitLife Tv and shares inspirational and motivational videos about health and fitness.

        I was skeptical when I first heard about him but I got confidence after watching his videos. With full of confidence, I brought Organifi green juice powder in my life and turn it gave me the life which I always wanted. My life will be divided into two sections before and after Organifi Pure.

        My life before Orgaifi Pure

        Life was beautiful till I hear my voice on the phone and she was at the last minute of her life. Teresa, my mom diagnosed with severe heart problems under medication.

        I could hardly hear her voice and all I heard, “Jake, I can’t breathe”. I’m skeptical just drove my car home; luckily I was just 20 minutes away from her.

        The moment I reached home and I remembered she has to talk a pill before going to bed and she didn’t last night. I searched the pillbox over the room and she has no clue where she kept. We rushed to the doctor and me still how that night was, “just an unforgettable nightmare”.

        Thankfully she is saved since we arrived on time but here the bad news comes. After reviewing the medical records, she is suffering from Alzheimer’s and it’s just caused because of aging.

        The doctor has nothing to do with it other than saying, “take care of her carefully”. The moment I realized it is my mistake taking things casually and I should have taken to the doctor immediately when she forgot my name once,

        My life after Organifi Pure

        I hardly slept that night and I wished to help her. Here my search starts and talked with various doctors and was suggested with Nootropics supplement but you know what.

        This may reverse the symptoms but causes various side effects. I don’t want to risk her life again and luckily came across Drew Canole’s page about Organifi Pure.

        With the same hope, I asked her to add in her daily life but she was skeptical and lack of confidence. If once you have faced your life’s threatening moment and it is quite hard to rebuild your confidence again. But still did for me with the only belief, nothing can save her life.

        Within a couple of weeks after using the Superfood powder, she started feeling more energized and focused.

        She started remembering everything start from my mobile number to the car number. I have seen her recovering from her disease and became more confident and creative ever before.

        I decided to stay with her to take care of her but she decided to spend her vacation on beaches alone.

        Probably I don’t want myself getting into the same trouble which my mom went through and brought my love in my life – Organifi Pure Superfood powder.

        Preferable it is for anyone who has crossed 40; you may feel healthy without it still giving a try is never ruining your life. Trust me you are going to feel more active, focused, and start thinking like 10 years before.

        I would say this is the best one you can gift your parents, giving Organifi Pure superfood powder is nowhere less than giving back their lost life. Have a deeper knowledge of the product before you decide to buy it. I will assure you to provide you the in-depth pros and cons of the product.

        Side effects of Organifi Pure Superfood

         My mom and I never felt any harmful health effects; even there is no side effect mentioned on the manufacturer’s page.

        Though reported as safe by various websites still I tried to contact few users to find out their experience and few may felt the below effects for an initial couple of days since there is a change in their diet.

        Notable this will be alright just in a couple of days, in case you felt any serious health issue, consult your doctor immediately.

        • Headaches
        • Constipation
        • Dizziness
        • Nausea

        FAQ’S On Organifi Pure Superfood Powder

        How to prepare Organifi Pure?

        Those who are worried about the preparation procedure and time; I’m going to tell you the truth. This is not going to take much time just involves only 3 steps and such an easy method anyone can do.

        1. Add a tease spoon of Organifi pure powder
        2. Mix it with a glass of water
        3. Stir it, ready to drink

        The manufacturer gives you an option to get your product and make a drink based on the details of the manufacturer’s page.

        I would personally recommend those who are reading this article is to go with buying the product directly. It saves a lot of time and money, don’t you agree with me?

        Getting the product in wholesale cost much less and that’s why the product cost very less comparatively.

        It saves your valuable time which you could use for something else, time is something you can’t buy at any time, hence use it wisely.

        About the dosages and recommendations

        Simply take one scoop of ingredient mix it with water and consume with plenty of water in a bare stomach once in a day. A glass of this superfood rejuvenates you every day and makes you brighter, stronger, and more focussed ever before.

        Anyone whose age falls above 40 should think about this, you can’t stop yourself from aging. But you can overcome the problems associated with aging by taking this regime daily without any distraction.

        Don’t wait until you get your chance to realize and regret; prevention will be the better option than finding a solution always.

        Is there any return and refund policy?

        This is mainly for all those who are more concerned more about money. Here, Organifi Pure provides a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

        Organifi Pure comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the product. To claim the refund, all you need to do is to return the empty bottle, purchase invoice, and confirmation number as per the return policy.

        Organifi Pure is not available in any retail shop and can be purchased only in online stores. The product will be delivered within the shortest time frame and makes sure to check the product is properly packaged and sealed upon delivery.

        What is the pricing and is a discount available?

        It is always advisable to order the product from the manufacturer’s page to keeps you away from getting deceived with fake products and deals.

        Your single penny is important to us; spend it efficiently and never give a chance for the fraudster to get it.

        organifi pure discount

          • Order a 30-day supply you can save $10.00 from the retail price.
            • Order a 90-day supply; you can save $69.90 from the retail price.
              • Order a 180-day supply, you save $199.80 from the retail price.

              Organifi Pure Reviews: My Final thoughts

              Many of us even don’t recognize the problems which we face now and then until a situation comes.

              Don’t allow the same happens to you, thankfully I could save my mom by reaching to the doctor at the right times. What if I couldn’t able to reach there on time? I can’t even think about but I know nothing matters more than the loved one life.

              Don’t wait for your chance to come moreover you are not investing in some garbage, hope I made it clear, Organifi is one of the most reputable and unavoidable products in the market.

              Organifi pure is completely a revolutionary product to completely reverse the effects of aging. Click on the lick to order your product

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